As Dr. Seuss said, “How did it get so late so soon? Its night before its afternoon. December is here before its June. My goodness how the time has flewn.” And just like that, it’s time once again for the Top Ten Fonts.

Since we wrote last year’s Top Ten post, we’ve increased our font options from 12,000 to over 19,000, and a lot of exciting changes happened behind the scenes as well. There were four new appearances, and six return champions. As always with our Top 10 List, the ranking is based strictly on sales to You: The Audience, and once again The Top Fonts of 2012 Collection saves you 30% off the original price.

1 | Frontage | Charming beyond anything Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel could have imagined, the endless design possibilities of Frontage have certainly charmed everyone in sight in 2012, coming up with the gold.

2 | Nexa | The smooth and utilitarian appeal of Nexa blew your doors straight off their hinges, coming in at Number Two. Accept no substitutes for this beauty.

3 | Gibson | Ah, Gibson…like the drink, or the guitars, it just keeps on hitting the right spot for everyone. Named for Canadian designer John Gibson (1928-2011), this 8-font family is especially affordable and lands squarely at Number Three.

4 | YWFT HLLVTKA | This hand-drawn beast rose back up the ranks to Number Four. Lovingly derived from the beloved eternal standard, the popularity of this monster cannot be underestimated.

5 | TJ Evolette A | Experimental, fashionable and boom, bang to Number Five it goes. Art Deco mixed with straight shapes of ancient runes, something obviously caught eyes and didn’t let go.

6 | YWFT Hannah | Our own in-house champion, YWFT Hannah cannot be knocked off the Top Ten. The incredible detail and breathtaking OpenType features are perennial faces. There are many imitators, but Hannah is the OG.

7 | Strangelove | Inspired by Pablo Ferro’s designs for the film, and fighting all day in the War Room. We can understand why so many of you kept on riding this awesome bomb, keeping it in the Top Ten.

8 | Idler | The bold pyramids of Idler rise into the night sky under a desert moon, with an undeniable, Duck Dodgers/Art Deco sort of retro-tude. With six layering styles of propaganda-packing poster power, this was a shoe-in to stay on the list.

9 | Graphique Pro | With more than 400 characters including the complete Latin and Cyrillic glyph sets, this super metal monster hangs onto Top Ten status with sheer all-caps, shadowed power.

10 | Mishka | Classy and no-nonsense, Mishka rounds out the Top Ten of 2012 with a strong showing–no surprise there though, since it is such a versatile OpenType beauty.

And while true love stories never have endings, it’s time now for this one to pause for another year. Don’t forget, you can get all of these at a 30% discount when you purchase the Top Fonts of 2012 Collection. All the best for 2013!