Two weeks ago, we quietly changed our whole game and introduced YouWorkForThem WebFonts to the world…and now we’ve changed everything else! Ladies and Gents, it’s the all-new! Well, okay, maybe not ALL new. But a lot has changed, and it’s not just a more streamlined look with a new header, new navigation, and myriad bug fixes, tweaks and flourishes–although all that got done. We’re talking BIG changes. Pop the corks, roll out the red carpet, and read on!

As you may have already noticed, we re-designed and re-engineered the Product Pages to be more focused and more impactful, with full-width designs that feature all-new Specimen, Glyph and Type Tester layouts (e.g. Motiva Sans). These tabs now allow you to add the exact item you are previewing directly into your cart, without having to visit the Buying Options tab. This best-in-business TypeBrowser™ suite is now super-sized for huge type preview examples, all with full OpenType power! Buying Options previews are now full width as well, large and in charge for glyph-strumming power. (Pro Tip: spend your day flipping our new Buying Options “Expand All Singles” switch and watch everything open and close, open and close, open and close, open and cl–oops, sorry, as it turns out, this Pro Tip was not pro at all.) Finally, the video preview area now displays huge, full-width, hi-def, screen-lickin’ good previews (e.g. Idler).

Next on the hit parade comes the completely re-designed, re-focused Accounts area. Foremost among many improvements is the all-new Downloads section–we recognize that many long-time customers have amassed quite a library of purchases, and so we’ve re-coded the functionality of the Downloads section to provide easy, efficient to access to all past purchases, sortable by Product Type, Date, Name, etc. Re-download anything you buy, easily, and forever. Other new features in the Accounts area include a brand-new Dashboard, which now shows your latest downloads upon log-in, and a hugely-improved Wish List, with Product Type sorting for easier management.

As previously mentioned, WebFonts are now a prime factor in the YouWorkForThem galactic colonization strategy. To buy the WebFont version of any of our 10,000+ fonts, simply select the Buying Options tab on the Product page for that font and select WebFont from the format options drop down.

There are also many improvements in functionality and usability throughout the site, including a more powerful Search Auto-Complete, cleaner Creators pages organized into Fonts and Stock categories, and updated Foundries/Designers pages with all-new Sorting features (by Popularity, Name or Date).

There’s more, like a new Corporate Licensing page and other bells and whistles that we forgot about. You see, we’re tired. So tired. Enough dancing about architecture! Visit the all-new and experience all these changes yourself–you’re gonna like the way we look. We guarantee it!