Our studio and our lives are in the city of Bangkok, known to the natives as Krung Thep (“city of angels”). Like most creative folks, we draw our inspiration and our passion in part from what we see around us every day, and so we thought it might be nice to take a break from serving up fonts in order to illustrate some of the most common (but understated) sightings in everyday life.

With Bangkok being such a massive and complex city, this idea could of course take years, or even a lifetime to fully explore. We chose to keep it simple, and in so doing, we took a quick look at seven different small happenings in Bangkok life. We looked at the delivery drivers, the elderly, the commuters, and the traditions of our city of angels. These are the quirkily sublime; the fantastically normal; the heavenly ordinary events that happen every day, and we salute and marvel and celebrate them all.

The seven pieces were shot on the consecutive days of the week, and each has only about 10 seconds to capture a moment on the streets, and tell it in type, with a few letters and one font. The clips are simple, focused and to the point. The musical scores were completed by our partners at Madsound with the same idea in mind, keeping things simple with only a single rhythmic element and a single wind instrument.

Each day, for the next seven days, we will post one of the videos on our blog, which will then automatically spread out to Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo for everyone.

Font: Sofia
Creative Director: Michael Paul Young
Art Director: Jackkrit Anantakul
Soundtrack: Madsound