Set the wayback machine for January, 2010: Network Osaka sends us their beautiful new serif, titled Haute. Immediately, it starts on a rapid climb toward becoming one of the year’s biggest sellers, and becomes a top-notch addition to the YouWorkForThem Exclusive Font Library. Now, fast-forward to present day, where we are proud to present the second exclusive release from Network Osaka, Burocrata. During the design and development of Burocrata, we worked closely with Network Osaka to make sure the finest details were reviewed, cleaned up and even polished with a chamois made of thousand-year-old yak fur. Network Osaka carried on improving more and more of the fine details with lasers and breakfast cereals late into the night, until finally, this amazing new sans serif emerged like a butterfly made of satin, covered in ice cream.

In addition to the release you can also Download PDF to see examples and specimen charts. (Sorry, no ice cream left.)

Burocrata is available only at YouWorkForThem.