Shortly after we posted this, we launched The YouWorkForThem Book Archive in response to everyones comments. We hope you enjoy this new section of design information.

The Bad News
This year has been a strange one for YWFT, that is for sure. As 2009 brought us many new challenges with the economy, we have been able to tough out yet another economic disaster (we started YWFT right after 9/11). This of course would not have been possible if some changes were not made. The most noticeable and recent change was the removal of the books section on our site. When we went online back in 2002, the book section was quite popular and very successful. While we as a company never really made much profit on our books (no gold teeth as of yet), we loved having access to these books in-house, supporting the designers and providing great inspiration for our many customers. Around 2007 though, we started to notice it was getting really difficult to keep up with the almighty Amazon. To this day, we do not understand how a company can sell a product $1 over cost, and give away free shipping. But maybe that is why they are on the stock market, and we are not. So, when push came to shove, what can we (current staff = 6) do against a giant, public-traded company like Amazon? So we did what we had to do for our own health. We threw in the towel. Now, we know we might lose many of you as customers, because maybe you only came here for the books? But in order to continue on with the rest of our business we had to make this decision, and maybe should have done this back in 2007.

The Good News
With all great changes come something good! Now that the smoke has cleared from the book war, we can get back to being designers and keep pushing on with our fonts and stock art collections. Starting a few months back, we went full force into adding new font and stock designers to our arsenal. As well, a few months back we did some house cleaning and got rid of older collections we no longer thought fit the bill. In the past few months alone, we have added over 100 new products to the font and stock art sections. We also rebuilt the entire stock video collection, with HD videos starting for the price of $24.99. Yeah, our prices are still lower than that other stock company called i something.

So, yes it was a sad day at YWFT to finally say good bye to making and selling the best design books in the industry. But with this sadness comes an exciting future for what we can bring to the industry as a real force and unique alternative in font and stock design.

Sincerely & Happy Holidays,

Michael Paul Young
Creative Director / President