CNN just posted a iphone app on itunes, and its getting quite the stir of attention right now. They really revamped the idea of a news app for the iphone, with saving articles, live video* and the iReport features built into the app. I think the price is fairly nice, $2 for such a large amount of app development work and a nice app is a pretty good deal. BUT….it has ads, and when you read the reviews on itunes, its like a wild witch hunt right now. CNN, people do not like paying for an app, then getting ads. I know where you are coming from with this, cough cough business model. CNN, ads in a pay app is a no-no, and you just pissed off thousands of people in the first week of launch.

Second, what in the world is with the news articles being white text on a black background? Its bad, backwards and hard to read. Next update, give me articles on a white background or at least the option. I posted a quick mockup (invert) of the way the article SHOULD be read, black text on white. For the love of god, fix this, right now I don’t even want to read the articles. This is a news app, not a twitter app.