Mike Davis works just down the hall from us so there’s a pretty good dialogue back and forth between our office and Burlesque where he works. He’s also a huge nerd for classic graphic design and runs a blog , So Much Pileup, devoted to digging up the greatest of graphic ephemera from the high modern to post modern years (Definitely worth following). And, we should also probably mention that he’s a talented club DJ (Mike2600).

Name: Mike Davis

Company: Burlesque of North America

Website: http://burlesquedesign.com

Short explanation of what you do or who you are, one or two sentences.

Burlesque is a group of graphic designers, illustrators and screenprinters. Headquartered in Minneapolis, we create graphic art for mainly music-based clients, host art exhibitsin our First Amendment art gallery, and put out music releases on our BRLSQOTHEQUE record label

Color: woodgrain

Music: Black Sabbath, Public Enemy, The Kinks, Wild Style soundtrack, MSTRKRFT

Book: Herb Lubalin: Art Director, Graphic Designer, Typographer

Designer: Herb.

Animal: Cobra Kitten

Website: friendster.com

Place: Space

Shape: Obelisk (no homo)

Artist: Chuck Close


Typeface: Helvetica Bold

Movie: Raging Bull, Empire Strikes Back, Goonies, When We Were Kings

Work: What?

Word: What!

Season: Autumn, even though I live in a city where the space between Summer and Winter lasts 30 seconds

Magazine: Plumpers

Guilty Pleasure: MC battles, 21st century Pro Wrestling

Distraction: The internets

Love: Hate

Hate: Love


What are you working on right now?

Cuckoo clock art print, two gig posters for Flight of the Conchords, CD artwork for anticon

What career would you switch to if you had to stop your current profession?

Fulltime DJ / music maker.

Why do you __________?

Because you always ______________