This article applies only to actual shipments. This does not apply to downloads of fonts or stock items, which are always available 24/7 for download.

Today, I thought I would personally address a question we get asked from time to time: Why is your shipping so expensive? Well, to us its a great deal and not expensive. I will try to explain why we think this.

Americans: We offer really competitive rates being we ship with UPS, in our opinion the best shipping provider available. We also provide (at this moment) free shipping on orders over $99. We could provide you with a very ‘cheapo’ Post Office method, but then you would be at higher risk of the package not arriving, no tracking and just overall lower handling quality by the Post Office. We want your purchase to arrive in the best condition possible, and right now UPS is doing the best job. For the few extra dollars it costs to ship via UPS, both parties avoid any nasty troubles that could arise.

International: Outside America things get tricky, with all the customs, long journey and various people handling the package. Again, we go with the best carrier available within a reasonable price range. We would prefer to use UPS, but the rates are almost three times that of the US Post Office. At this time, we ship with the US Post Office using Global Express and Global Priority methods. These two methods have proven to work out quite nice with great success rates. Now maybe some of you are saying, that’s great, but your shipping is still expensive for me. The old saying goes, ‘You get what you pay for.’ We could offer you the lowest possible shipping rate for around 20% cheaper, but it takes 4-8 weeks to arrive, ships via boat (damp+books=trouble), takes forever to clear customs (if), and most the time just vanishes in transit due to no tracking. If you use the methods we provide, the package will have tracking and has a very high success rate of arriving on time and in good shape.

A few people have written us saying they have seen the shipping at X site for much cheaper. Most likely X company is offering a lower quality method, again putting your purchase at risk and you in the position for future troubles and stress. Try and compare the actual product you are buying from us if you have doubts. For example a book like Grid Systems weighs in around 4 pounds (1.8 Kilo) when shipped. If you compare this to when you ordered a DVD from somewhere, the costs are extremely different and not comparable, so try and compare exact items, methods and rates. We will not always be the cheapest, but we do our best to provide the best quality for the cheapest.

One last thing, as you might know the worlds fuel is going up everyday. The effect, things cost more to transport. This effects not only the cost to ship the item to your front door, but as well the cost of us getting it from the distributors, which raises what we pay for the product in the first place.

We hope this helps to clear up the reasons why we have chosen the methods above for our methods of delivery. If you have comments or comments, due ask below and we will try and answer them best as possible.