Came across this article over at Creative Review. People get so worked up over awards and what happens with them. Really, who cares? There are certain genres these award shows and circus acts will NEVER deal with/ cater too understanding and going into that venue as a graphic designer vs the big money advertising world, well your really trying to work miracles. I have always found it ammusing how many people they ask to submit or allow to submit, but then complain about the junk that gets sent in. The junk sent usually costs the senders big bucks as well. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you my friends.


Sample: “MJ: Also, designers are much worse at picking the best work. The ad community – with all their wars, politics, hatred, jealousy and egos in the industry – are still able to sit there and say, ‘he’s a wanker, but that’s a great piece of work’. The design commun ity is useless at doing that and is getting worse…. An interesting phenomenon is that the international work often looks fresher. Blogs mean you’ve seen a lot of the work before – so you lose an aspect of it when you encounter it again. You have to be on your game to say, ‘I’ve seen that before and I still think it’s good’ – compared to something from Japan that knocks your socks off immediately but might not look as good in six months. And that’s where the ad industry is better – their work is in the public domain: they all read the same mags, all watch the telly, they don’t fast forward the ads, and they make judgements as they go along. They would have decided at the end of last year that Gorilla is a killer ad and, lo and behold, it wins a Gold. They’d already come to that conclusion.”


Ha, What the hell is this? Again some issues with outside looking in.