Celebrating Two Centuries Of Sans Serif Typefaces: Brother 1816

When Vicente Lamónaca, Fernando Diaz, and Martin Sommaruga made the decision to quit their graphic design jobs to establish a type foundry, they leapt into the new endeavor with both feet (and perhaps a little trepidation). It was certainly a bold move, but it seems the best decisions usually are — you just never know…

Craft Infinite Mosaic Designs Easily With Tessellation Geometry Patterns

Bloomicon is a studio and marketplace established by a group of designers who specialize in crafting massive collections of conceptual icons based around themes of modern technology, business, and life. Their visual metaphors are perfect for powerpoint presentations, mobile applications, infographics, charts, videos, or web designs that require simple imagery to pack a visual punch….

A Softly-Rounded Sans Serif From The Northern Block: Apoka

Established in 2006 by Jonathan Hill, The Northern Block is a design studio that continually promotes collaboration with graphic designers and typographers, building a rock-solid foundation that supports individuality, artistry, innovation, and top-quality products. Type designs from The Northern Block consistently provide extensive design versatility and visual appeal, making their work incredibly popular in the…

Neutral Design And Simplicity With TT Prosto Sans

TypeType foundry is one of the first of its kind to manifest in St. Petersburg, Russia. Begun by Ivan Gladkikh and Alexander Kudryavtsev, TypeType has been collaborating with graphic designers and typographers since its inception in 2013. Ivan’s career as a typographer began in a way that many of us can relate: a hobby turned…

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