A Strong, Confident Brush Script: Stay Bold From Set Sail Studios

We love Set Sail Studios because its typography always exhibits such bold personality, openly celebrating the expression of the human experience in type form. With a keen preference for organic, handcrafted lettering, Set Sail Studios creates fonts that are rich in individuality and versatility, two vital characteristics that make them a clear favorite among graphic…

Mensrea: A Style Bundle That Captures The Essence Of Urban Life

Michael Parson is the man behind Typogama Digital Type Foundry in Geneva, Switzerland. Life is pretty much known for taking people in rather unexpected directions from time to time, something that Michael experienced firsthand when he found his way into typography as a career. He had always been a graphic designer first and foremost, working…

Hand-Painted And Driven By Energy: Furious Styles

Derek Campbell and Justin Graefer established BLKBK Type in 2013. The foundry has made a name for itself through artistically-crafted typography that’s thoroughly steeped in raw emotion. “We at BLKBK, feel the most important element in typography is being able to effectively convey a feeling and a unique personality within every design,” they told us….

A Sans Serif Tribute To Brazilian Architecture: Niemeyer

Based in Chile, LatinoType is a digital type foundry that ceaselessly endeavors to develop typography that is incredibly versatile and aesthetically pleasing within a wide array of graphic design applications. Established in 2007 as Chile’s first digital type foundry, LatinoType is intensely supportive of fellow designers and doing their level best to further encourage Latin…

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