Abstract & Living Art From The Department Of Aerial Observation

With drone photography becoming more and more popular, we’re given an insight to the world that was largely impossible before now. Stunning views from staggering heights were once only enjoyed by those in mid-flight. The Department of Aerial Observation takes drone photography one step further, creating images that are not just simple photographs, but an…

Distinctive And Hypnotic: Stock Photography From Van Wongs

An engineering student from Bangkok, Van Wongs has an undeniable passion for urban photography. He takes an uncommon look at Asia through his camera lens and the results are nothing short of stunning. This mesmerizing photo of hanging lights has an almost futuristic vibe. Orbs of illumination suspended from the ceiling seem to float against…

Happy Songkran Freebie!

As mentioned in our last post, it is the Thai new year here in Bangkok, known here as Songkran. We had a rough new year this time around, but the chaos has moved along and peace is with us now. In honor of the new year and an end to the chaos, we are happy to present…


Was browsing around during a render today, came across this nice little gold nugget called DRILLPOP. Its full of some interesting old japanese and thai movie poster nostalgia.

YWFT 6 (Bangkok Party)

Our birthday was actually back in June, but we have been so busy we forgot to party, so lets do it! There will be free food, live bands from Parinam Records and projections of our latest videos.

Free Mask Illustrations

Dr Freebie Fresh brings you some nice Asian Mask illustrations today. The concept coming from our Bangkok studio, was using traditional Ramakien Thai masks as the inspiration. These drawings were early concept drawings for the later developed Thaiglish font.

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