A Confetti-Filled Digital Art Pack: Cluster Grid From Hello Mart

Margaret Penney is the talented designer behind Hello Mart, an online marketplace that features and sells the works of select artists. With years of experience in graphic design and art, Margaret is an expert in her field and knows a great deal about the elements of good design and the use of color. After graduating with…

Stunning New Graphics From RuleByArt: Chroma

Art, by its definition, is “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination,” which usually translates to something that manifests itself through beauty or through the act of provoking a raw, emotional response in another person. “Art” is often subjective, but therein lies the virtue of the craft: it can mean anything, to…

Create 1950s Print Effects With Matchbook Print Machine

If you’re into graphic design with a realistic, vintage flair, RetroSupply Co. should be one of your go-to places for useful resources. Established by Dustin Lee, RetroSupply Co. is a wellspring of hand-crafted textures, digital art brushes, layer styles, print effects, and fonts for projects that need a genuine, “dated” appearance. Dustin’s work through RetroSupply…

Craft Infinite Mosaic Designs Easily With Tessellation Geometry Patterns

Bloomicon is a studio and marketplace established by a group of designers who specialize in crafting massive collections of conceptual icons based around themes of modern technology, business, and life. Their visual metaphors are perfect for powerpoint presentations, mobile applications, infographics, charts, videos, or web designs that require simple imagery to pack a visual punch….

A Joyful Celebration Of Abstract Paint Texture: Flow

Jim LePage is an artist and graphic designer who found his way into the field in a rather non-traditional way. After working as a preschool teacher for several years, Jim found himself desperate for a change of career in 2003. Following his wife’s suggestion to go back to school, he enrolled in a graphic design…

Achieve An Authentic Midcentury Illustration Style With 1950s Artist Brush Pack

Matej Il?ík is the brilliant illustrator and graphic designer behind the company, Guerillacraft, which produces tons of graphic resources for other designers and illustrators. With a love for all things mid-century, Matej’s work carries an authentically-vintage tone, making his products a must-see for anyone who works on retro-inspired design projects. Matej creates some of the…

Hand-Painted And Driven By Energy: Furious Styles

Derek Campbell and Justin Graefer established BLKBK Type in 2013. The foundry has made a name for itself through artistically-crafted typography that’s thoroughly steeped in raw emotion. “We at BLKBK, feel the most important element in typography is being able to effectively convey a feeling and a unique personality within every design,” they told us….

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