A Strong, Confident Brush Script: Stay Bold From Set Sail Studios

We love Set Sail Studios because its typography always exhibits such bold personality, openly celebrating the expression of the human experience in type form. With a keen preference for organic, handcrafted lettering, Set Sail Studios creates fonts that are rich in individuality and versatility, two vital characteristics that make them a clear favorite among graphic…

Rustic & Charming: The Wayfaring Font Duo From Set Sail Studios

Sam Parrett is the creative genius behind Set Sail Studios, an incredibly successful online store that offers a wide range of useful products for graphic designers. Being a skilled designer himself, Sam has a genuine understanding of what the design market really needs, an awareness that has helped to build his reputation for pure awesomeness. If…

FontPath Update - Sharing Your Favorite Fonts

As you may know, YouWorkForThem launched our FontPath service as a public beta back in September. We’ve added a new feature that we think will revolutionize font selection, particularly for designers who are working for clients or agencies, where a font selection is on the line, and needs to be shared amongst a team. How…

YWFT Facebook

This week we hit another major milestone as we surpassed 50,000 real friends/fans on our Facebook Page. On top of that great news, we also surpassed 50,000 followers on our lovely Behance profile. Thanks to everyone for following our updates, your support means everything.

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