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Create Easy Midcentury Effects With The Ultimate Screen Printing Kit From RetroSupply Co.

Founded by Dustin Lee, RetroSupply Co. is a creative market dedicated to mid-twentieth century design elements. Dustin has always been drawn to this era in particular, studying the aesthetics of pulp comic books, cone-top beer cans, and his uncle’s old hardware boxes. After becoming a designer, Dustin admittedly found it rather difficult to emulate their…

For the Benefit of Others: Ambrose

A design and screen printing studio focused on mentoring students to produce excellent work for the benefit of others is the mission of Ambrose and I couldn’t be more excited about what they’re doing. This is what it’s all about in my opinion and I’m stoked there are people out there doing things like this….

The Profile of Little Friends of Printmaking

How long have the two of you been working together? Did you both do posters before working with each other?¬†We met in college in 1998 while we were both studying art. We were surreptitiously helping each other out with assignments almost immediately. We say this with some shame because this is obviously really looked down…

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