An Intense Sans Serif From Signal: Pressio

Max Phillips is a man of many talents. A novelist, toy designer, graphic designer, and typographer, Max served as the former creative director at FAO Schwarz, eventually establishing an independent type foundry, Signal, in 2012. Signal is based in Dublin, focusing on type design, lettering, and branding. With Max’s wealth of experience in the field,…

Fibra: An Experimental Sans Serif From Los Andes Type

Los Andes Type got its initial start as a subsidiary design studio of LatinoType, although it would later become its own standalone type foundry. Based in Chile, Los Andes Type shares its personal view of the world through its typography. Their type designs find inspiration in nature and travel, along with the life experiences of…

A Narrow Sans With Incredible Legibility: Tablica From RMU Typedesign

RMU Typedesign is the personal label of Ralph Michael Unger, a type designer in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany. Ralph began his career in typography early on after completing an apprenticeship in a small print shop in Thuringia. There, he worked with lead letters, galleys, and composing sticks, solidifying his hands-on experience in the art of typesetting….

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