A Stencil Design With Contemporary Styling And Fantastic Legibility: Acherus Militant

Horizon Type is a relatively new foundry at YouWorkForThem. Its latest release is Acherus Militant, a stencil version of its previous release, Acherus Grotesque. Both type designs were created by Ufuk Aracioglu. He told us that while he always finds stencil fonts interesting, he also intends to adapt the Acherus family to include as many…

Exo Soft - Rounded, yet serious.

Exo Soft is rounded all around, but it means business when it comes to legibility. This geometric type design is slightly organic, but with carefully crafted edges. Designed by NDISCOVERED in 2015, Exo Soft contains extended language support (both in Latin and Cyrillic) and comes loaded with a great set of Opentype features. The 9 weights plus corresponding italics also give…

Ahkio by Mika Melvas

Ahkio is a brushed disconnected script family of 5 fonts. Ahkio’s roots are in 1930s sign painting and showcard lettering but with a modern and individual twist. Main characteristics are soft, rounded forms and a bit curved stems. Ahkio is a friendly and gentle font that suits well in titles, packages, logos and for example posters….

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