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  • Bookeyed Martin
    Huzzah for Bookeyed Martin, the much anticipated addition to the popular Bookeyed family. Upright & Strong he attracts eyes to his flashy serifs and ball terminals. […]


  • Funkyback Pattern Vector
    Jazz up all your graphic needs with a Funkyback pattern, the perfect marriage of modern retro style. Take pleasure in creating your own masterpieces that enduce enjoyment. […]

Music Video

December 9, 2007

Bjork’s Declare Independence

Its insane how Bjork keeps teaming up with people after people, at what always seems just the right time. She teamed up with director Michael Gondry for this shoot, and I love it. I can’t even keep up with Bjork anymore, everyone single one of her videos and albums just […]

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October 1, 2007

The Profile of Mike Mills

The Profile of Mike Mills

How influential was your start as an intern for M&Co [Tibor Kalman's studio] in terms of a developing conscience in your art? What else in your background fostered your thoughtful sensibilities?┬áIn terms of developing a “conscience” M&Co wasn’t as key as being a student of Hans Haacke and being exposed to a lot of socially […]

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