Hand Foundry's Latest Release Offers Contemporary Versatility With Rogan

The designer behind Hand Foundry, Andy Lethbridge, is someone who is wholly passionate about type design. He has an insatiable attentiveness for letterforms, enthusiastically exploring every aspect of their design and further kindling his own personal drive to create new fonts along the way. Andy embraces the modern processes of type design while still paying…

Utilitarian Functionality And Timeless Aesthetics: Talbot Type

Established in 2012, Talbot Type prides itself on creating designs with an aesthetic quality that will withstand the test of time. The man behind Talbot Type, Adrian Talbot, has nurtured a passion for lettering and type design ever since his college days at Birmingham Polytechnic. Greatly influenced by the Bauhaus, Modernism, Constructivism, and Art Deco…

Modern Swedish Design

We just got in MoMA’s new book, Modern Swedish Design. At first glance, it doesn’t stand out from other books on Modern Design, but this book definitely deserves another chance. The rarely translated writings of the founding texts that initiated modern design in Sweden, make it a necessary addition to any designer’s collection. This book…

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