Impressive Multilingual Support In A Modern Grotesk Sans Serif: Centuma

With specializations in brand building for corporate and visual identities, product packaging, and a broad range of other graphic design projects, Jan-Christian Bruun knows a thing or two about the importance of type design. Bruun runs his own studio, JC Design, in Lyngby, Denmark. With a strong focus given to font design, Jan-Christian’s own work…

Hand Foundry's Latest Release Offers Contemporary Versatility With Rogan

The designer behind Hand Foundry, Andy Lethbridge, is someone who is wholly passionate about type design. He has an insatiable attentiveness for letterforms, enthusiastically exploring every aspect of their design and further kindling his own personal drive to create new fonts along the way. Andy embraces the modern processes of type design while still paying…

Dissolve Language Barriers With New Fonts From Mint Type

As the personal foundry of Moscow-borne Andriy Konstantynov, Mint Type takes a fresh approach to multilingual type design. Located in Kyiv, Ukraine, Mint Type remains heavily focused on worldwide language accessibility, providing not only its native Cyrillic letter sets, but the full range of Basic Latin, Western European, Euro, Catalan, Baltic, Turkish, Central European, Romanian,…

Early 20th Century Innovation And Artistry: Breul Grotesk

Based in Bangkok, Thailand, the designer behind the Typesketchbook foundry is hard at work creating fonts that are as attractive as they are functional. Chatnarong Jingsuphatada initially began his career as a type designer after dealing with a common struggle that most graphic designers have also experienced firsthand: finding the perfect font for a project….

MartiniThai Neue Slab: A Rare, Contemporary Jewel

In global terms, if the Western font market is a Walmart Superstore, the Thai type design scene is a tiny hidden gem of a shop, quietly tucked away in the middle of a nondescript residential neighborhood. All the locals know exactly where to find it, but outsiders will rarely ever know of its existence. Deltatype,…

Graphic Design That Speaks With A Confident Voice: BW Darius By Branding With Type

Passion, vision, determination, and dedication are the cornerstones of every successful human endeavor, and few people know that better than the founder of Branding With Type. Alberto Romanos graduated from the University of Wales with a BA in Industrial Design in 2002 and spent six years working as a graphic designer. He eventually went on…

A Font Inspired by The Spirit of Adventure

Calder, the latest from The Northern Block, is a display typeface that incorporates 10 styles and offers two distinctive voices. That being, a playful semi-connected script, as well as a selection of subtle yet authentic sans serifs. Designed to complement each other, these 2 style sets of fonts offer a unique and engaging visual tool. Inspired by the pursuit…

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