A Stencil Design With Contemporary Styling And Fantastic Legibility: Acherus Militant

Horizon Type is a relatively new foundry at YouWorkForThem. Its latest release is Acherus Militant, a stencil version of its previous release, Acherus Grotesque. Both type designs were created by Ufuk Aracioglu. He told us that while he always finds stencil fonts interesting, he also intends to adapt the Acherus family to include as many…

URW DIN's Design Stops Traffic, Demands Viewer Attention

Volker Schnebel has enjoyed a long and illustrious career in type design. Even before he was employed by URW++ in Hamburg, Germany, Volker spent decades working in the field of type design and font digitization. He co-founded Digital Type Company in 1985 and his work involved digitizing dozens of basic type families for Monotype, including…

Romanesque Influence Meets Modern Simplicity In Beatrix Antiqua

Zetafonts is based in Florence, Italy, and has spent more than a decade designing and releasing typefaces that are as aesthetically inspiring as they are functional in their applications. Founded by Francesco Canovaro, Debora Manetti, and Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini, Zetafonts is an innovative foundry whose mission is to offer flexibility, individuality, and artistry to graphic…

Radnika: Strength And Versatility From Hanken Design Co.

Alfredo Marco Pradil, together with his wife, founded Hanken Design Co. in 2012. Alfredo has been a designer for more than a decade, working in visual merchandising, advertising, game development, product design, visual identities, and of course, typeface design. He’s worked with some major international brands that include Jameson Whisky, Absolut Vodka, Dean and Deluca,…

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