A Wise "Old" Cursive Script From BLKBK: Master Works

BLKBK is a design studio established by Justin Graefer and Derek Campbell in 2013. Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, BLKBK excels in type design, lettering, graphic design, art direction, and branding. Much of their work is inspired by vinyl artwork from the 1970s and VHS covers from 1980s’ movies, along with hip hop and hand-painted signage….

A Neutral Sans Serif From Branding With Type: Bw Nista

Branding With Type is a digital foundry that has an intrinsic knowledge of all things associated with effective branding, and it thoroughly understands the vital role that type design plays within the realms of marketing and identity. Alberto Romanos established Branding With Type back in 2014, after spending years focused specifically on branding and identity….

Classic, Quirky Patterns From Hello Mart: ASCII Art

Margaret Penney graduated with honors from The Johns Hopkins University and received her MFA from Columbia University. An accomplished artist with more than a decade and a half of experience working in the field of graphic design, she is a master of her craft.  Her specializations include branding, typography, digital collage, print and package design,…

Craft Infinite Mosaic Designs Easily With Tessellation Geometry Patterns

Bloomicon is a studio and marketplace established by a group of designers who specialize in crafting massive collections of conceptual icons based around themes of modern technology, business, and life. Their visual metaphors are perfect for powerpoint presentations, mobile applications, infographics, charts, videos, or web designs that require simple imagery to pack a visual punch….

Studio Sans: A Fresh Sans Serif From A New Studio

Michael Chereda began an exploration into typography in 2012, in large part to develop the specific design elements he found lacking in the designs that were already available on the market. “I always wanted to improve something, change it, make it for myself,” Michael told us. At the time, he was not yet skilled in…

Party Time: A Festive, Fun Art Pack From Hello Mart

Margaret Penney is a Johns Hopkins University honors graduate with an MFA from New York City’s Columbia University, studies that have certainly left their mark on what’s been an illustrious career so far. She specializes in print and package design, digital collage, branding, and typography, with a heavy emphasis on the use of color in…

Recta Is A Timeless Revival Of The "Italian Helvetica"

Created by Rebecca Alaccari and Patrick Griffin in 2004, Canada Type offers an expansive library of work that has seen an incredible amount of success since the studio’s inception. Over the last thirteen years, Canada Type has crafted a diverse array of type designs for all manner of theme and application. Giving thoughtful consideration to…

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