A Whimsical, Hand-Drawn Letter Set: Naïve Sans

Fanny Coulez and Julien Saurin are graphic designers and typographers from Paris, France. “Fonts have always attracted us,” they said, explaining that while letter drawing began as a hobby of theirs, they pushed onward to become self-taught masters of their craft. Fanny and Julien feel that the most amazing fonts offer ease-of-use for designers, and…

Recta Is A Timeless Revival Of The "Italian Helvetica"

Created by Rebecca Alaccari and Patrick Griffin in 2004, Canada Type offers an expansive library of work that has seen an incredible amount of success since the studio’s inception. Over the last thirteen years, Canada Type has crafted a diverse array of type designs for all manner of theme and application. Giving thoughtful consideration to…

Capture The Essence Of Vintage Italian Roadways With Autostrada

Grafica Studio is a relatively new collaborative studio based in Columbus, Ohio, with a primary focus on print design, type design, environments, web sites, design strategy, and brand architecture. Through a sensibly-chosen network of illustrators, developers, writers, photographers, and strategists, Grafica Studio presents its clients with the perfect team of people to complete every project….

HK Nova Rounded Explores Clarity Through Geometric Forms

Alfredo Marco Pradil established Hanken Design Co. with his wife in 2012. With more than a decade of experience under his belt, Alfredo has worked in visual merchandising and identity, game development, advertising, product design, and typography. He’s partnered with some pretty major brands, including well-known international corporations like Absolut Vodka, Jameson Whisky, Dell, Dell…

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