LatinoType's Antonietta Blends Copperplate Styling With Rococo Decadence

As Chile’s first digital type foundry established in 2007, LatinoType strives not only to deliver top quality letter sets to the worldwide graphic design community, but to support other type designers in their endeavors. LatinoType is a collective that is working hard to grow typography in Latin America, a field that has been largely underrepresented…

LatinoType's Latest Type Designs

LatinoType is practically an institution in the world of type design. As Chile’s very first digital foundry, LatinoType has mastered the art of blending its South American cultural influences with high quality designs for a contemporary audience. Founded by Miguel Hernández in 2007, LatinoType was later joined by Luciano Vergara in 2008 and Daniel Hernández…

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