Cerebri Sans: An Intellectual Approach To Improve The Reader's Experience

Hanken Design Co. was founded in 2012 by Alfredo Marco Pradil along with his wife. Spending more than a decade employed in the graphic design industry, Alfredo has extensive experience in visual identity and branding, game development, advertising, merchandising, and product development. He’s worked with globally-recognized brands and has enjoyed a great measure of success…

TypeMates Explores Uni-Width Concept Through Urby And Urby Soft

Jakob Runge is a graphic designer and typographer in Munich. Together with Nils Thomsen, he owns and operates the TypeMates foundry. With a strong focus on diversified and tailor-made type designs for a wide range of clientele, TypeMates is passionate about well-made letterforms that are held to the highest technical standard, ensuring that graphic designers…

Schnebel Sans Pro ME Reaches Perfection

Volker Schnebel’s prolific career has largely focused upon font digitization and type design. He has digitized dozens of type families that include two of the most well known in the world: Arial and Times. Employed at URW++ as chief type designer and type director, his body of work is beyond substantial and continues to flourish….

HK Nova Rounded Explores Clarity Through Geometric Forms

Alfredo Marco Pradil established Hanken Design Co. with his wife in 2012. With more than a decade of experience under his belt, Alfredo has worked in visual merchandising and identity, game development, advertising, product design, and typography. He’s partnered with some pretty major brands, including well-known international corporations like Absolut Vodka, Jameson Whisky, Dell, Dell…

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