Pensum Pro Pairs Calligraphic Notes In A Contemporary Serif

TypeMates is a straightforward type foundry that circulates a diverse range of typefaces and also tailors exclusive type designs for small and large clientele. Operated by Nils Thomsen in Hamburg, and Jakob Runge in Munich, TypeMates attends to everything from the tiniest nuance in a logo or piece of lettering, to the design of extensive…

Orchidea Pro Gracefully Waltzes The Line Between Serif and Sans Serif

Mint Type is heavily focused on providing extensive multilingual support to designers, particularly those who require Cyrillic character sets. Operated by Andriy Konstantynov, Mint Type’s body of work offers a range of expertly-designed, contemporary letter sets that function well in a wide variety of applications. Andriy’s latest release, Orchidea Pro, is hybrid type design that…

Origins Smooth Harmonizes Graceful Composition In An Italic Script

Laura Worthington is a passionate type designer whose vibrant personality is as dynamic as the rays of dappled sunlight that sprawl through the woodlands surrounding her home in the Pacific Northwest. While her career as a typographer began with the release of her first type design, her affection for the craft extends much farther into…

Romanesque Influence Meets Modern Simplicity In Beatrix Antiqua

Zetafonts is based in Florence, Italy, and has spent more than a decade designing and releasing typefaces that are as aesthetically inspiring as they are functional in their applications. Founded by Francesco Canovaro, Debora Manetti, and Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini, Zetafonts is an innovative foundry whose mission is to offer flexibility, individuality, and artistry to graphic…

Calma Display Radiates A Gracefully Elegant Charm

The brilliant artist behind Walking Fearless is João Miranda, a passionate designer with a multifaceted creative focus that includes graphic design, art direction, illustration, lettering, and branding. Based in Brixton, London, João’s affection for letter design first began with graffiti, which blossomed through further education and eventually grew into a career that he enjoys immensely….

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