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Good Design Needs Good Fonts


  • NT Yaki
    Yaki is a set of three fonts. Yaki One is the plain version. Yaki Two and Yaki Three are separate fonts combining two layers with different colors. Yaki is perfect for designing sophisticated multi-co […]



November 7, 2009

Objectified – Jonathan Ive

Right now (could get pulled) there is a sample from Gary Hustwit’s documentary Objectified where they talked with Jonathan Ive about the design of Apple products. I have yet to see the film but this clip was very interesting and reminds me why we do what we do…

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August 21, 2009

Esther Havens

Esther Havens

Stumbled upon Esther’s work a few weeks ago and was inspired by her commitment to serve others through her creative giftings. Esther Havens is a humanitarian documentary photographer who focuses on social-awareness campaigns with non-profits around the globe, capturing stories that transcend a person’s circumstance that reveal the strength of an individual regardless of the […]

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August 25, 2008

Louis Malle/Phantom India

Knowing very little of India, its history, its people, the culture, or the land, I set about to watch this 6 hour? (possibly more) documentary made in 1968/9 by Louis Malle this past week. You can really see the influence this film had on Wes Anderson’s “Darjeeling Limited”; the camera zooms from far distances and […]

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April 8, 2008

Punishment Park (1971)

Punishment Park is a 1971 film written and directed by Peter Watkins. It is a pseudo documentary of a British and West German film crew following National Guard soldiers and police as they round up a group of members of the counterculture across the desert. […]

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