Isabel Condensed Spreads Joy In Youth-centric Designs

Juan Pablo de Gregorio is a Chilean typographer, graphic designer, and founder of Letritas Foundry. A man who always follows his intuition, Juan Pablo takes an innovative approach to his work, crafting ideas not yet realized by anyone else. Moved by thoughts that eventually emerge into almost tangible sensations on the screen, much of his…

The Next Frontier Of Neusa: Neusa Next

Established by Jonathan Hill in 2006, The Northern Block foundry releases innovative type designs that bring form, function, and a heaping dose of anti-establishment attitude to graphic design. Over the years, The Northern Block has become a prominent source of fonts themed around the advancing industries of our modern world, subjects that include computers, video…

Capture The Essence Of Vintage Italian Roadways With Autostrada

Grafica Studio is a relatively new collaborative studio based in Columbus, Ohio, with a primary focus on print design, type design, environments, web sites, design strategy, and brand architecture. Through a sensibly-chosen network of illustrators, developers, writers, photographers, and strategists, Grafica Studio presents its clients with the perfect team of people to complete every project….

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