Set The Perfect Mood With Lightroom Presets From Presetrain Co.

Alexander Kuzmin is the portrait and fine-art photographer behind Presetrain Co. A master of post-process, Alexander creates some of the most intriguing, useful, and beautiful presets for Lightroom. “I’ve been a portrait photographer for more than 14 years now,” said Alexander, “so the main inspirations come from my art projects and my own workflow.” “There’s…

The Shift Timelapse Video Collection

Timelapse videos are powerful, inspiring and painstakingly difficult to create. For any film editor, web designer, professional youtuber or movie maker, The Shift Timelapse Video Collection is a must have series of beautiful, Hi-res timelapse footage ranging from cityscapes to mountain sides. Regardless of what project you’re working on, The Shift Timelapse Video Collection adds…

What happens when you explore type without the typographer’s eye in mind? What happens when you take type out of the centuries old, black and white, static world of type specimens? CDKVW is a YouWorkForThem short that takes five various fonts into the depths of the unknown and against various natural elements. Composed and filmed…

Since when did the goth kid in school get so cool? The work of Alexander Binder.

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