Calling Code: A Cute And Friendly Monospaced Font

Ryoichi Tsunekawa first took an interest in abstract art and design as a young man in Nagoya, Japan. Following his extensive college studies for an Architecture major and a Master of Arts degree, his career initially took him down the path toward graphic design and architecture. While working in the field, Ryoichi could often been…

Engel New: A Sans And Sans Serif With A Mechanical Edge

The gorgeous landscape of Newcastle upon Tyne, England, is home to The Northern Block, a design studio and foundry who’s known around the world for releasing top quality type designs. Jonathan Hill established The Northern Block in 2006, and it’s been a harbor of artistic collaboration ever since. The studio has built an incredibly supportive…

Windows 7 (Beta Leak)

A while back I mentioned about a new version of Windows coming for all you PC using designers out there. Well a beta has been leaked if you want to be adventurous. The screen shots show it does look ‘ok’, but I still prefer Apple’s approach to os design (go figure).  (Zdnet)

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