Sibling Harmony From Branding With Type: Bw Glenn Sans & Bw Glenn Slab

Alberto Romanos founded Branding With Type in 2014 after having spent many years focused on branding and identity. He has an uncanny ability to express the voice and personality of a brand, conveying its message and mission in a way that demands and captures immediate attention. His client list is impressive, an index that includes…

The Future Is Here And Now: Plau Launches Odisseia

Based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Plau is a creative studio with a strong focus on brand and type identity. Founded by graphic designer Rodrigo Saiani, Plau works primarily with small to midsize business and start-up clients, combining artistry, inspiration, and technical skill to sculpt their clients’ individual brands. Understanding the important role typography plays…

Hans Grotesque: A No-Nonsense Sans From Hanken Design Co.

Hanken Design Co. was founded in 2012 by Alfredo Marco Pradil and his wife. With more than ten years spent working in the design industry, Alfredo has extensive experience in visual identity and branding, advertising, and merchandising, as well as game and product development. Dell, Dell Blue, Absolut Vodka, Extremis, and Jameson Whiskey are but…

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