Font Aid IV

We all know Haiti is having a really bad time right now and most people want to do something to help out in some way or another. Being as most of us are graphic designers, Font Aid IV is a great project that we all could easily lend a few minutes to help out with….

Recently being called one of AOL’s Top 12 Businesses That Could Be The Next Big Thing, Rosa Loves has new shirt designs for all you good hearted beings out there. Grab some today and know that you are helping some people out while at the same time straight stylin..

The Quiet Life had a contest for a Good Cause shirt and the results are in. Check the winner and also some of the ones that did not win. Some nice work in there!

Save the Holy Grail of American Graphic Design

The Center for Design Studies has purchased and begun restoration of the Gastrotypographicalassemblage – one of the most important artifacts in graphic design history. This masterpiece by Lou Dorfman and Herb Lubalin adorned the walls of CBS until its dismantlement in the 80’s. Read the classic tale of heroes and villains and get involved.

South Africa: it’s all about guns and meat

Hjalti Karlsson and Jan Wilker, aka Karlsson Wilker, were shipped to Africa by the Design Indaba conference. They had them create a new piece of work each day in reaction to their travels. Creative Review has the story.

Early Griffin

“We set up Early Griffin as a project to enable us to indulge our love for the hand made quality and process involved in screen printing and the desire to work with artists we admire. We work closely with invited artists to produce a series of screen prints in limited editions of 50, with 3…

Rosa Loves

Rosa Loves | Nice shirts, nice project, what else can you ask for?

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