A Neutral Sans Serif From Branding With Type: Bw Nista

Branding With Type is a digital foundry that has an intrinsic knowledge of all things associated with effective branding, and it thoroughly understands the vital role that type design plays within the realms of marketing and identity. Alberto Romanos established Branding With Type back in 2014, after spending years focused specifically on branding and identity….

A Versatile Humanist Sans Serif From Paulo Goode: Banjax

Paulo Goode is a graphic designer who dabbled in typography now and again – for years – before ever pursuing it as a means of income. He learned how to use the Fontographer app back in 1998, but it would be another ten years before he’d explore typography again, working on a font for his…

Celebrating Two Centuries Of Sans Serif Typefaces: Brother 1816

When Vicente Lamónaca, Fernando Diaz, and Martin Sommaruga made the decision to quit their graphic design jobs to establish a type foundry, they leapt into the new endeavor with both feet (and perhaps a little trepidation). It was certainly a bold move, but it seems the best decisions usually are — you just never know…

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