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  • NT Yaki
    Yaki is a set of three fonts. Yaki One is the plain version. Yaki Two and Yaki Three are separate fonts combining two layers with different colors. Yaki is perfect for designing sophisticated multi-co […]



April 7, 2009

Ivan Ivanov-Vano’s Seasons

Ivan Ivanov-Vano's Seasons

Last night I was reading about 1950′s animation in Cartoon Modern and it mentioned some of the amazing modern animators coming out of Europe that were vastly different than the standard 19th century “Disney” style that was so prevalent in the US. One such animator was Ivan Ivanov-Vano whom collaborated with the likes of Shostakovich […]

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September 16, 2008



Our friends over at Motherland have updated their new site with new work and added on a new blog. If you are not familiar with Motherland or Lance Sells, it’s about time you know. Lance used to be a comic book illustrator turned renaissance man. He does amazing art and amazing client work, so do […]

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