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  • BAHN Pro Rough
    BAHN Pro Rough is a "Sovietic" version of my bestseller type BAHN. It contains 228 glyphs, and is available in 3 weights. […]



March 9, 2010

Sony Adverts

Gizmodo has an interesting article on the history of Sony Adverts. It seems they have an issue with Sony ads not making sense, but since when did ‘making sense’ matter in the world of successful advertising?

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May 20, 2008

Design Awards? Suck?

Design Awards? Suck?

Came across this article over at Creative Review. People get so worked up over awards and what happens with them. Really, who cares? There are certain genres these award shows and circus acts will NEVER deal with/ cater too understanding and going into that venue as a graphic designer vs the big money advertising world, […]

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