• NoraPen
    This font is influenced by Walbaum. However, I did not just trace the design, but sort of had the image in my head while I drew the letters. This font is balanced by not being entirely Walbaum, but st […]




A must ‘add’ for your Flickr account, Natzke.

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Islands Fold

Islands Foldâ„¢ is an independent publisher and artist residency in British Columbia. It looks like a pretty amazing operation, and there are a lot of great zines available on the site.

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Some nice and smarttypographic work over at Enrique’s behance page. Looks like he worked for Thonik and is looking for work in NYC… gotta be someone in NYC that can hook it up.

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Brushes (new)

Five all new Vector Brush collections, ready for you to rock out with.

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Early Griffin

“We set up Early Griffin as a project to enable us to indulge our love for the hand made quality and process involved in screen printing and the desire to work with artists we admire. We work closely with invited artists to produce a series of screen prints in limited editions of 50, with 3 […]

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I really like Studio Von Birken. That is one of the many reasons I like The Glossy Zine. Good use of type, good imagery, good people… all done by Studio Von Birken. One of the few fashion magazines I can look at besides Self Service.

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