• Tita Script
    Tita is dedicated to my grandmother Hebe, witty and arrabalera 1. The font is inspired by Milonga 2 music and the fileteado porteño 3. […]


Ina Portraits

Ina Senftleben has some good portraiture work up. My favorite is the gentleman above.

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Oh yes, we bring you more great FREEBIE madness. This round, free illustrations of the most eligible candidates for America’s next president: Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John McCain and Ralph Nader. Working on some posters for your local party’s next big rodeo and ho-down?

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Way too much annoying pop-up overload, but still interesting work to be found at Moresoon.

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Pudge Door

Much of the behind the scenes work we do to make/concept/test new products can be fairly organic, strange and quite interesting. We will begin to show behind the scenes and strange insights to products on our site in this blog venue. This first insight is a look into a recent handset font, Pudge, and one of our Bangkok designers, Thun, testing it out in use. We

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The Quiet Life had a contest for a Good Cause shirt and the results are in. Check the winner and also some of the ones that did not win. Some nice work in there!

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A collection of strange and zany

If there is a god, her name is flickr. Here’s our latest find of vintage goodies to plow through. Thanks to the French Pita ou Franck for the collection.

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Björk raises the bar! (Higher, higher!)

Fresh from sticking it to the damn colonists and declaring independence on behalf of Kosovo and Tibet, Björk is leaking some lush imagery for her new video Wanderlust. Video will be released in the next few days. Feed has the latest.

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Cellina von Mannstein

As her biography makes clear, photographer Cellina von Mannstein doesn’t take shit from anyone. Visit her site for gratuitous and non-gratuitous nudity.

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