YouWorkForThem The Original Creative Marketplace 2016-09-23T14:00:32Z WordPress YouWorkForThem <![CDATA[Rustic Elegance: Northwell’s Signature Style]]> 2016-09-21T16:19:03Z 2016-09-23T14:00:32Z Based in the UK, Set Sail Studios is a foundry that produces high quality, hand-lettered type designs. Sam Parrett, the founder of Set Sail Studios, is clearly at the top of his game when he’s designing fonts; his skills have become increasingly evident through every new release. When it comes to seeking handcrafted text for...]]> YouWorkForThem <![CDATA[Meticulous Artistry Meets Limitless Flexibility With Mostardesign]]> 2016-09-21T08:07:39Z 2016-09-21T13:00:49Z Located in the picturesque South West of France, Mostardesign is an independent studio owned and operated by Olivier Gourvat. While many French foundries are located in the bustling hub of Paris, Olivier’s studio resides in a small village far from the noise of the capital, granting favor to his preferred lifestyle. With a strong focus...]]> YouWorkForThem <![CDATA[YouWorkForThem Licenses YWFT Hannah to American Girl]]> 2016-09-21T02:50:18Z 2016-09-21T02:50:18Z When the American Girl line of dolls, books and films sought to promote their brand with a hand-drawn, hand-lettered font, they sought out the original player in the space, YWFT Hannah, only from YouWorkForThem. American Girl is a line of dolls that portray eight- to eleven-year-old girls of a diverse variety of ethnicities, which are...]]> YouWorkForThem <![CDATA[Classic Contemporary Design From Mindburger Studio]]> 2016-09-18T15:35:22Z 2016-09-20T13:00:36Z Located in Serbia, Mindburger Studio focuses on design, art direction, and typography for clients throughout the world. Their work features clean, geometric characters that flawlessly balance vintage aesthetics with the essentials of modern design. Inspired by Art Deco compositions yet modernized for contemporary layouts, Bambino is a gorgeous sans serif family of twelve fonts. With a...]]> YouWorkForThem <![CDATA[Distinctly Innovative Type Designs From BAT Foundry]]> 2016-09-14T02:32:20Z 2016-09-14T13:00:20Z The French type scene was forever changed the moment that BAT Foundry came into existence. Founded in 2009 by Jean-Baptiste Levée, Bruno Bernard, Stéphane Buellet, and Patrick Paleta, BAT Foundry owns the unique distinction of being the first foundry in France to focus entirely on digital type design and distribution. The pioneering spirit of BAT...]]> YouWorkForThem <![CDATA[Abstract & Living Art From The Department Of Aerial Observation]]> 2016-09-12T02:15:21Z 2016-09-13T12:00:56Z With drone photography becoming more and more popular, we’re given an insight to the world that was largely impossible before now. Stunning views from staggering heights were once only enjoyed by those in mid-flight. The Department of Aerial Observation takes drone photography one step further, creating images that are not just simple photographs, but an...]]> YouWorkForThem <![CDATA[Distinctive And Hypnotic: Stock Photography From Van Wongs]]> 2016-09-08T03:11:13Z 2016-09-09T14:00:20Z An engineering student from Bangkok, Van Wongs has an undeniable passion for urban photography. He takes an uncommon look at Asia through his camera lens and the results are nothing short of stunning. This mesmerizing photo of hanging lights has an almost futuristic vibe. Orbs of illumination suspended from the ceiling seem to float against...]]> YouWorkForThem <![CDATA[Graphic Design That Speaks With A Confident Voice: BW Darius By Branding With Type]]> 2016-09-15T08:09:59Z 2016-09-09T02:18:13Z Passion, vision, determination, and dedication are the cornerstones of every successful human endeavor, and few people know that better than the founder of Branding With Type. Alberto Romanos graduated from the University of Wales with a BA in Industrial Design in 2002 and spent six years working as a graphic designer. He eventually went on...]]> YouWorkForThem <![CDATA[Modern Vintage: Gorgeous Stock Photography By Wattana]]> 2016-09-08T02:59:44Z 2016-09-08T13:00:16Z Wherever Wattana Watcharapongwanit may roam throughout Thailand, his photography takes the viewer on a softly lit, ethereal tour of the land and its inhabitants. At just 25 years old, the Burapha University graduate has built an extensive and insanely beautiful portfolio of photography available at YouWorkForThem. Wattana’s work carries a timelessness that’s rare for someone so...]]> YouWorkForThem <![CDATA[Michael Parson: Blazing Trails One Font At A Time]]> 2016-08-30T16:28:29Z 2016-08-31T13:00:20Z As the founder of Typogama digital type foundry, Michael Parson exudes nothing less than an absolute passion for typography and design. After receiving a BA in Graphic Design from Ecole Bellecour Supdemod in Geneva, Switzerland, in 2002, Michael continued to explore the possibilities of typography through the use of computers and digital software. Michael’s originality...]]> YouWorkForThem <![CDATA[Ten Great Fonts For Movie Title Sequences]]> 2016-08-24T15:52:47Z 2016-08-24T15:52:47Z The opening title sequence of a movie not only sets the tone for the film, it also helps to build the brand for the story itself. Font choice is incredibly important to the overall success of a film’s presentation. If the creators of “Jaws” had chosen Comic Sans, for instance, the entire mood would have...]]> YouWorkForThem <![CDATA[Bring Retro-fied Designs To Life With Frontage Condensed]]> 2016-08-17T12:53:42Z 2016-08-17T12:00:04Z If you love the nostalgic appearance of old-timey shop windows, we’ve got an absolute treat in store for you. Designed by Juri Zaech, Frontage Condensed is an all-caps, multilayered type design for building the ultimate “storefront” look on any graphic design project! This complete family of ten fonts was designed to work together to create...]]>