YouWorkForThem The Original Creative Marketplace 2016-12-07T14:00:58Z WordPress YouWorkForThem <![CDATA[Rare Skeletal Specimens From Industriarts]]> 2016-11-29T04:27:12Z 2016-12-07T14:00:58Z Industriarts’ body of work on YouWorkForThem has largely consisted of unique urban photography with an emphasis on both industrial and highly-textural still images. Recently, Industriarts has begun offering vector graphics that are both mesmerizing and incredibly useful, like their Mathematical Geography Vol. 1, a pack of twelve scaleable images related to the earth’s measurements and...]]> YouWorkForThem <![CDATA[Create Beautifully Ornamental Accents With La Decorateur From Guerillacraft]]> 2016-11-29T04:19:47Z 2016-12-05T13:00:21Z Guerillacraft is in the business of creating highly functional supplies for graphic artists, including graphics, textures, brushes, and actions for Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Much of Guerillacraft’s work revives the essence of historical eras, something that makes their products especially useful for designers who need to evoke the mood of a particular decade. 80s Press,...]]> YouWorkForThem <![CDATA[Add Some Influential Mayhem With Gangrena System]]> 2016-11-24T06:42:26Z 2016-12-02T12:00:37Z Mateusz Machalski’s graphic design career has had a strong emphasis on branding, visual identity, and typography. A graduate from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland, Mateusz is currently pursuing his PhD in the graphic department. He is also the co-founder of BORUTTA, a creative group and production studio that specializes in visual campaigns....]]> YouWorkForThem <![CDATA[Robust Yet Approachable: Elwi the Gentle Giant]]> 2016-11-24T06:38:59Z 2016-11-30T14:00:14Z Tondi Creatives is a fresh design studio whose work applies both artistic technique and a healthy dose of enthusiasm for the graphic design trade. The personal brand of Fhumulani Nemulodi, Tondi Creatives is passionate about effective design and quality craftsmanship, two key features of every product release. Fhumulani’s own creative life is a rich one,...]]> YouWorkForThem <![CDATA[Graphic Designs Pack A Punch With Knuckle Sandwich]]> 2016-11-24T06:26:00Z 2016-11-29T15:00:02Z Daniel Feldt is a designer, typographer, and bacon lover with an exceptionally vibrant personality. With more than 16 years of experience in visual design, Daniel’s unstoppable zest for life permeates every aspect of his work. Creativity and innovation are second nature to him, two qualities that are inherent to his work as a UX and...]]> YouWorkForThem <![CDATA[The Biggest Sale Ever, Starts Now.]]> 2016-11-28T05:56:09Z 2016-11-28T14:00:11Z Our always popular Cyber Monday Sale has arrived and we have set over 10,000 fonts, graphics, photos, videos and audio products on sale (50-80% off the regular price). As always, our Cyber Monday sale lasts not just 1 day, but for an entire month! This exclusive end of year sale includes products designed by YouWorkForThem,...]]> YouWorkForThem <![CDATA[Tyler Finck Offers Style And Charisma Through Ostrich Proper]]> 2016-11-23T02:21:09Z 2016-11-25T17:00:44Z Tyler Finck is a prolific freelance graphic and type designer in Ithaca, New York. A multitalented man with a passion for composing and recording music, in addition to visually creative pursuits that include photography, filmmaking, and game making, you’ve likely seen or heard his work somewhere without even realizing it. Tyler’s songs have been featured...]]> YouWorkForThem <![CDATA[Delicious Elegance With Chocolates Condensed]]> 2016-11-20T00:54:55Z 2016-11-22T13:00:53Z Nestled in St. Petersburg, Russia, TypeType foundry’s letter sets strike a perfect balance between design versatility and affordability. When the foundry was initially created in 2013, it established itself as one of the very first dedicated type foundries in the area. Determined to provide further support to new type designers in Russia, TypeType has even...]]> YouWorkForThem <![CDATA[Contemporary Sophistication: Boita From The Northern Block]]> 2016-11-20T00:51:31Z 2016-11-21T16:00:32Z The Northern Block foundry was begun by Jonathan Hill in 2006. Situated in picturesque Newcastle upon Tyne, The Northern Block incorporates high functionality and clean, contemporary aesthetics into their type designs. Well known for their anti-establishment inclinations, this foundry has certainly left its mark upon the design world, winning international awards and seeing their work...]]> YouWorkForThem <![CDATA[Browse, Purchase & Sync Fonts from Your Phone]]> 2016-11-18T03:12:04Z 2016-11-18T13:00:58Z If you’ve visited YouWorkForThem recently, you may have noticed that we have fully re-designed it to be entirely responsive, and you can now experience the entire shopping process on your mobile device. From the home page, search and product pages, through to the shopping cart and checkout, you can browse, select favorites, make your purchases, and...]]> YouWorkForThem <![CDATA[BLKBK Foundry’s Soulful, Expressive Letter Sets]]> 2016-11-14T15:38:23Z 2016-11-15T14:00:39Z Winnipeg, Manitoba is home to BLKBK, a studio created by Derek Campbell and Justin Graefer in 2013. Their work lies predominantly in lettering, type design, brand identity, art direction, and graphic design. Inspired by vinyl artwork from the 70s era, VHS covers from the 80s, hip-hop, and traditionally hand-painted signage, their portfolio is steeped in texture...]]> YouWorkForThem <![CDATA[Radnika: Strength And Versatility From Hanken Design Co.]]> 2016-11-07T04:05:05Z 2016-11-08T13:00:37Z Alfredo Marco Pradil, together with his wife, founded Hanken Design Co. in 2012. Alfredo has been a designer for more than a decade, working in visual merchandising, advertising, game development, product design, visual identities, and of course, typeface design. He’s worked with some major international brands that include Jameson Whisky, Absolut Vodka, Dean and Deluca,...]]>