YouWorkForThem The Original Creative Marketplace 2017-05-28T13:25:22Z WordPress YouWorkForThem <![CDATA[Clean Legibility And A Warm Character: Segaon]]> 2017-05-15T06:02:11Z 2017-05-26T12:00:40Z Hyun-Seung Lee is a type designer who began his own type foundry, cretype, in 2017. A relatively new designer to YouWorkForThem, one of Lee’s most recent releases is Segaon. This humanist sans serif family is architecturally pristine with a sincere and friendly character. Crisp legibility and ideal letter spacing make Segaon a beautiful choice in...]]> YouWorkForThem <![CDATA[Create Attractive Visual Presentations With Poster Mockups]]> 2017-05-15T05:56:14Z 2017-05-25T13:00:16Z Brand new to YouWorkForThem, MrMockup offers artists and graphic designers a unique way to showcase their work to clients. With the aid of professional photo shoots, MrMockup captured a series of incredibly useful images to create their very first product available, Poster Mockups. Poster Mockups is a series of 30 high resolution images that make...]]> YouWorkForThem <![CDATA[Apply Three Dimensional Lettering With Cursive Neon Type]]> 2017-05-12T03:52:37Z 2017-05-24T16:00:31Z Standing beside their motto, “Valued creative content,” Design Assets (formerly known as Dashwood) is a company that does exactly what its name implies, providing valuable assets that make workflow easier for graphic designers around the world. One of their most recent releases is Cursive Neon Type, the cursive variation of their highly successful series of...]]> YouWorkForThem <![CDATA[A Versatile Sans Serif From A New Foundry: Alio Text]]> 2017-05-12T03:52:54Z 2017-05-23T12:30:29Z With more than 20 years of experience in his field, Tana Kosiyabong is a prolific graphic designer, typographer, and art director in Vancouver, Canada. Over the course of his career so far, Tana has worked in just about every visual outlet from traditional print, digital type, creative advertising, and environmental design, for international accounts that...]]> YouWorkForThem <![CDATA[1920s Grace And Style From The Northern Block: Rosina]]> 2017-05-12T03:39:36Z 2017-05-22T12:00:27Z Jonathan Hill established The Northern Block back in 2006, a design studio perfectly situated in the historic and picturesque landscape of Newcastle upon Tyne, England. Jonathan approaches type design in a way that maintains an impeccable balance between contemporary aesthetics that will meet the needs of graphic designers, and a strong element of individuality that...]]> YouWorkForThem <![CDATA[Party Time: A Festive, Fun Art Pack From Hello Mart]]> 2017-05-03T15:51:25Z 2017-05-19T15:00:37Z Margaret Penney is a Johns Hopkins University honors graduate with an MFA from New York City’s Columbia University, studies that have certainly left their mark on what’s been an illustrious career so far. She specializes in print and package design, digital collage, branding, and typography, with a heavy emphasis on the use of color in...]]> YouWorkForThem <![CDATA[Gaslon From Canada Type Revives A Curvaceous Film Classic]]> 2017-05-12T03:47:51Z 2017-05-18T11:00:33Z Located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada Type is a digital type studio established by Patrick Griffin and Rebecca Alaccari in 2004. They are intensely passionate about their work and their unwavering energy bleeds into every one of their type designs. Canada Type has worked with an impressive list of companies that include Pixar, Disney, The New...]]> YouWorkForThem <![CDATA[Biotif: An Elegant Sans Serif With Immaculate Architecture]]> 2017-05-12T03:39:56Z 2017-05-17T12:00:29Z Deni Anggara is a graphic designer whose path eventually led him toward typography, establishing his own independent type foundry in 2016. With several years of experience already under his belt, Deni’s work has largely focused on creative direction, content design, branding and visual identity, custom type design, and commercial typography. Nestled in Bandung, Indonesia, Degarism...]]> YouWorkForThem <![CDATA[Five In-House Type Designs For Irresistible Food Packaging]]> 2017-05-15T05:56:30Z 2017-05-16T13:00:27Z Aside from sharing important information with the public, package design has one primary goal: to entice the consumer to buy that product above all others of its kind. There is a strategy involved in this task, one that usually incorporates a delicate balancing act of creativity and innovation. With the myriad of products available on any given...]]> YouWorkForThem <![CDATA[A New Geometric Sans Serif From A New Type Foundry: Folty]]> 2017-05-03T15:35:35Z 2017-05-15T13:00:31Z Established in 2016, Degarism Studio is an independent type foundry created by Deni Anggara. With years of prior experience working as a graphic designer, Deni produces work for global clientele with a strong focus on typography, custom type design, creative direction, content design, visual identity, and branding. His career began in 2011, working as a...]]> YouWorkForThem <![CDATA[Create Stunning Visual Motifs With Moroccan Seamless Patterns]]> 2017-05-03T15:33:44Z 2017-05-12T16:00:41Z Harboring a serious affinity for entrancing patterns, Irene Demetri always knew she wanted to explore a career in the arts, setting her sights on graphic design after finishing school. Upon receiving her MA in Visual Communication Design, she spent many years working in the field of web design before moving in her own direction to...]]> YouWorkForThem <![CDATA[Craft Concise Imagery With Monoflat Infographics Icons]]> 2017-05-11T10:48:11Z 2017-05-11T20:00:45Z Above all things, Bloomicon LTD is passionate about graphic design. A group of designers who came together with the sole purpose of creating work that they love, they regard solid design as a visual communication that balances clarity and simplicity. As graphic designers themselves, they are well experienced in the needs of those in their...]]>