YouWorkForThem's Top 25 Fonts For Sports

Football season is just around the corner! For those of us who bleed our favorite team’s colors, there’s no better time of year to explore the best fonts for sports-themed designs. To celebrate athletic endeavors everywhere as we wait patiently for football season to begin, YouWorkForThem has put together an awesome collection containing our Top…

Playful, Inspired Design: More From Our "Typography For Children" Collection

Our handpicked collection of fonts for children’s projects is so extensive and so fantastically fun, we wanted to highlight some more playful offerings from this eclectic group. Whether you’re designing birthday party invitations, programs for a school concert, inspirational posters for the classroom, or children’s books, the “Typography For Children” collection from YouWorkForThem has something that…

Fonts For The "One For One" Ethos: YouWorkForThem & TOMS

TOMS was founded in 2006 by Blake Mycoskie, who had begun wearing simple canvas slip-on shoes called alpargatas while visiting Argentina as a contestant on The Amazing Race. Mycoskie decided that he wanted to develop a kind of alpargata for the North American market, with the goal that for every pair sold he would provide a new…

Get In Touch With Your Inner-Child: Our "Typography For Children" Collection

There’s something that’s especially magical about working on design projects that are geared towards children. Interesting shapes, bright colors, and unexpected design elements usually take center stage. The very best designs will encourage a child’s sense of wonder, delighting younger audiences through whimsical imagery and playful compositions that stir their imaginations. The best part of…

A Font Inspired by The Spirit of Adventure

Calder, the latest from The Northern Block, is a display typeface that incorporates 10 styles and offers two distinctive voices. That being, a playful semi-connected script, as well as a selection of subtle yet authentic sans serifs. Designed to complement each other, these 2 style sets of fonts offer a unique and engaging visual tool. Inspired by the pursuit…

Cartograph - A Modern Monospace Type Design

Connary Fagen is back again this month, this time with the lovely Cartograph. Pairing the efficiency of a monospaced font with warmth and character, Cartograph CF is a handsome font family featuring both fixed-pitch and proportional sans versions. A tribute to the utilitarian beauty of terminals and typewriters, Cartograph excels in any setting.

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