• Colt
    Like a muscle car from decades ago, Colt aims to balance unbridled power and finesse. The wide letterforms arose out of a love for type found on motor vehicles made in the sixties. […]



“These came from a collection of over 400 Polaroid photos of strippers trying out for dancing jobs at a So. Cal club. They were taken from the late 1960′s thru the early 1970′s. I decided to create a new Flickr account to share this collection with other photographers. They document fashion, interior decor, and a […]

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In case you haven’t caught this article discussing digital rights management, check it. Good read for the next break you take. By Steve Jobs.

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A new law in France makes it a crime — punishable by up to five years in prison — for anyone who is not a professional journalist to film real-world violence and distribute the images on the Internet. (CNN)

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