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Good Design Needs Good Fonts


  • NT Yaki
    Yaki is a set of three fonts. Yaki One is the plain version. Yaki Two and Yaki Three are separate fonts combining two layers with different colors. Yaki is perfect for designing sophisticated multi-co […]



March 9, 2007



I am sure the movie itself will suck in that cheesy-Hollywood epic way, but the visuals look to be quite nice. They tried to mimic the graphic novel as much as possible, so almost the entire film, I think 80%-90% of it is CG. If you have HBO, there is some behind the scenes special […]

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March 3, 2007

Lomo Documentary

For all you Lomo lovers or even those who don’t love it yet, take some time out of your day and watch this 7 clip series on You Tube. Some parts are kinda silly and a bit too artsy fartsy, but overall a great documentary about the history of the […]

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September 1, 2006

The Profile of Roger Ballen

By now, hopefully you have heard of Roger Ballen. If not, you are in for a wonderful treat. Roger is a photographer from South Africa and has made a huge impact on all of us here. We feel that he is one of the most important photographers alive today. He mixes […]

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