Motion Graphics

I forgot all about good ole Dextro. This was the site back in the day, no explanation, crazy work and truly inventive for its time. One of my all time favorites and I very happy to see its still going. Dig around, you will find some nice stuff!

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WWFT & Designgraphik Archive

I just posted a huge collection on Flickr of our (Designgraphik & WeWorkForThem) earlier work. Dates back to around 1999 to current day. This is not all of our work, but its a good chunk of it.

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These days, people do not approach Prachya Pinkaew to inquire about his new film. The director of international smash hits Ong-bak and Tom-Yum-Goong now goes about sporting a “No Cut, No Ban” anti-censorship T-shirt and, in his capacity as president of Thai Film Directors’ Association, campaigns against the proposed new Film Act. Making a hit […]

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