Currently enjoying the certificates, in the form of individually embellished origami crowns, for those Commended as part of the 2007/08 YCN Design & Communication Awards.

Massive updates from MWMgraphics.com. Don’t miss the B/W Bangers Book Series!


Our friends from MOPA updates! Viva Brazil

Adam Garcia from The Pressure (and Rhymesayers) just posted a site that features interviews by people in the the arts called We Are Digging For Fire. For sure worth a visit.

Yesterday the 35W bridge collapsed in Minneapolis. We are located 1 mile from the site and everyone here is okay. Many people we know were on the bridge or about to go on the bridge within minutes before it fell. This bridge is the main route that most people take to get downtown from the…

New York Times has a great article on personal book collections/libraries. Check it out. We also added a lot more new books for sale yesterday afternoon.

Thats right, we updated the top of our site to take up less space and be more streamlined for finding things. The new system has been tested full on by us, but there always seems to be some lingerings of bugs. If you find any bugs, or the site breaks anywhere on you let us…

etapes posted the second part of their interview with Wim Crouwel. I have not watched it yet, but sure it is great. Enjoy!

PSST… Pass It On… puts up the full monty. Great video work.

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