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25 Exquisite Fonts For Wedding Stationery

Anyone who’s ever planned a wedding understands the sheer amount of stress involved throughout the ordeal. It seems a simple enough task at first: choose a beautiful location, find a good caterer, select the flowers, and track down a deejay who doesn’t completely suck. So far, so good—right? Planning a wedding is all fun and… Read More

Collage & Color: Margaret Penney's Digital Art Packs

Margaret Penney is the brilliant designer behind Hello Mart, an online shop that features and sells the works of various digital artists. With more than 15 years of experience in graphic design, she has a well-trained eye for aesthetics and has certainly mastered her craft. Margaret has enjoyed an incredibly successful career so far, working… Read More

True Grit Texture Supply’s Authentic, Handcrafted Approach To Design

Texture is something that’s too often overlooked, yet it adds incredible depth and realism to any graphic design no matter how subtly it’s applied. The overall tone of an image is easily enhanced through the use of textures, as they have the ability to coax a particular mood from a piece of digital art. Texture… Read More

Gather and Share Your Favorite Products with Our All-New Collections

We’re excited to launch an all-new feature called Collections. You’ll see it under your Account Dashboard, where you can create as many Collections as you want, title them, add descriptions, and choose whether or not you want them to be public or private. Much like the “Favorites” feature of our real-time font preview tool Fontpath,… Read More

How To Choose The Right Font For Your Project

For font nerds like us, choosing the perfect font for a design project feels a lot like searching for a needle in a haystack that’s also made of needles. With tens of thousands of typefaces available and new ones being created every day, how do you know which one to use? Where do you even… Read More

Vintage Type Company: Out With The New, In With The Old

Founded by Sean Coady in 2015, Vintage Type Co. is passionate about type designs that embody the spirit of notable periods throughout history. Their designs are as varied as the world’s past, offering a range of products that incorporate some of the most memorable characteristics of font designs from the glorious days of yore. Anaheim… Read More

Huffington Post chooses Proxima Nova for Mobile App Success

When the Huffington Post wanted to re-skin their mobile applications for phones and tablets, they chose Proxima Nova from designer Mark Simonson, the–in the words of their own review–”friendlier font, that lives in between Gotham and Helvetica.” Switching the in-app text content in all of their apps worldwide to Proxima Nova Condensed Extra Bold (on… Read More

Precision and Quality: The Value and Versatility of Stawix Fonts

Stawix is a Bangkok-based font foundry founded by Thai native Stawix Ruecha, focusing on fully-equipped international typefaces, and steeped in aesthetic type design with meticulous attention to detail. Formed in 2012, Stawix aims to represent the hope of its founder that a movement can be started “by designing Latin fonts and Thai alphabets that are… Read More

Beta: YouWorkForThem’s Vector Playground

Beta is an exclusive vector stock collection straight from the minds of the designers at YouWorkForThem. We like to have our share of fun, too! Doomsday Aliens is a collection of some of the wildest and most unique vector creatures you could ever imagine. It’s a safe bet that their phasers are set to “Kill,”… Read More

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