Henrik Bulow

Today while discussing how I hate that certain high profile photographers don’t have their own website but instead you can only get watermarked small images from their agent’s site Mr. Zander turned me on to the large format wonder of Henrik Bulow. Fresh.

New work from Non-Format

The masters of NeoGeo have added new work to their portfolio. Non-Format continues their winning streak.

Miles Aldridge

Lately at work I’ve been enjoying a lot of Mile’s work so I decided to check out his website to get the whole story, was a treat to find out that the super-talented Hi-ReS! had designed it. Enjoy!

The Candy Store!

If you’ve been wondering where you can get that neato Surface to Air hoodie or other rare and wonderful clothing delights then look no further. San Francisco loves candy.

The Polaroid Project

Montreal seen through the eyes of Marie-Michèle Bonneau. Check it.

I really like Studio Von Birken. That is one of the many reasons I like The Glossy Zine. Good use of type, good imagery, good people… all done by Studio Von Birken. One of the few fashion magazines I can look at besides Self Service.

Rosa Loves

Rosa Loves | Nice shirts, nice project, what else can you ask for?

Dot Matrix Catwalk

Seven dot matrix printers are installed above a catwalk, printing the duration of the show. Work by duckunit.

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