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    Iggy is a new bizarre display typeface. Each letter comes with four alternatives that automatically swap when placed next to each other for a true hand-painted look. The font also includes optional dr […]



Stair Bookcase

This is pure hotness. For all you people with little spaces or stairs, rock this setup! “The stairs going up to the attic room of a Victorian row house in London have been fitted with books that line each riser and wrap around the edges…” (Boing Boing)

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YWFT’S friend Yosuke slipped us the word about a very nice exhibition at Diesel Denim Gallery, Aoyama Tokyo. By Swedish Designer “PMKFA” and Japanese multidisciplinary architecture firm “assistant“. Check the Photoset.

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Always excellent work from French architects “R&Sie(n)“. In their work, built forms are never static. Materials and forms are temporal, becoming vegetal agglomerations or literally animated by raw animal strength. Also, check out their work and other intriguing work at Scripted by Purpose.

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Tino Schaedler

Some very nice projects over at Tino Schaedler. The Strato cruiser project has been getting good reviews for a unique approach to airship design.

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NOVA is a platform joining science, the arts, culture and society. Boundaries between scientific disciplines are dissolved, categories and hierarchies disappear when phenomena are explored from a general, universal viewpoint.

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I saw a documentary a few years back about Ikea experimenting with this idea of making homes. Seems it has become a reality! They are called Bokloks. Source: Guardian

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ClipStampFold is an exhibition that is going to take place in Canada and NYC about old design related zines. If you are in the area, check it out but the site has a lot of great images of covers that are well worth looking at.

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