When it comes to typography, legibility is usually one of the biggest goals. After all, what good is a font if you can’t read it? Sometimes, though, it’s fun to shake things up and play in the abstract, throwing out every established rule just to see what happens. Abstract art forces you to think; it’s expressive, visually stimulating, and its meaning is usually left entirely up to the viewer.

That’s kind of where we were going with YWFT QUE. In fact, during its construction we followed a brand new design mantra we invented: Conservatively Absurd. Who says a font has to be legible in order to be amazing? YWFT QUE essentially throws a middle finger at Helvetica and its ilk by reveling in its irrational letterforms, embracing its idiosyncrasies, and just generally not giving a damn about what’s “normal” or expected in type design.

YWFT QUE takes you on a ride into the unknown, featuring geometric shapes that may or may not look like actual letters. It’s a fun and unexpected visual feast that brings a little (or a lot) of the abstract to traditional typography. YWFT QUE offers two distinct letter sets for added design versatility, making it perfect for posters, album artwork, merchandise, apparel, website design, motion graphics, and any design project that needs a visual kick in the pants.

While its multilingual support officially extends to Basic Latin, Western European, Euro, Pan African Latin, and Basic Greek, YWFT QUE’s letterforms could theoretically be written in any language. For that matter, they could easily serve as crop circles crafted in an alien language – who can tell?

Right now through November 30, 2017, YWFT QUE is on sale for 75% off of its regular price so it’s the perfect time to add this unusual type design to your font library!

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