Set Sail Studios is notorious for crafting type designs that evoke passion and emotion in the viewer. With a clear preference for hand-painted and hand-drawn lettering, Set Sail Studios is certainly leaving its mark in the world of typography, taking three out of ten spots in our Top Ten Fonts Of 2016.

Set Sail Studios is an online store established by Sam Parrett, a UK graphic designer who had spent years working in the music industry prior to pursuing a full time career in type design. His typography always carries itself with bold, undeniable personality, presenting letterforms that are overflowing with individuality and artistic flavor.

Working by hand allows Sam the creative freedom to experiment with inks and paints, taking an authentic and organic approach to the structure of every letter. He typically crafts several versions of each character, pairing the best ones together to create the final set, using the remaining variants to build alternate letter sets for added versatility. Being able to mix and match letters from different sets is what enables designers to craft truly unique words and phrases, adding another layer of customization and identity to their work.

One of Set Sail Studios’ latest releases is Super Sabretooth, a spirited and rebellious brush script. Super Sabretooth is sharp and unapologetic, a feisty letter set that’s full of life. Every brush stroke is imbued with energy and intensity, creating a sense of enthusiasm and purpose. It’s particularly well suited to projects that need a healthy dose of adrenaline, including merchandise, album art, posters, social media images, logos, and branding.

Super Sabretooth includes a regular version with upper and lowercase letters, an all caps version that replaces the lower case with small caps lettering, and a set of swashes that offers 56 glyphs of swashes and splatters for extra versatility. Multilingual support extends to English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, Turkish, Polish, Finnish, Romanian, Hungarian, Estonian, Filipino, Indonesian, Icelandic, Romansh, and Welsh for extensive global accessibility.

Set Sail Studios currently offers 37 products through YouWorkForThem, an eclectic collection of typography driven by passion. Visit their portfolio to view the rest of their work, and keep an eye on their future additions because Set Sail Studios always delivers top-notch handwritten type designs.