At YouWorkForThem, we’re creatives, we’re designers, and we’re generally a pretty curious bunch. For instance, one day we wondered if there was a difference between the amount of wood a Canadian woodchuck could chuck when pitted against an American woodchuck who is also good at chucking wood. Reading about woodchucks then made us question why they even call them “woodchucks” in the first place when they don’t even chuck any wood. They’re actually groundhogs, running around digging holes and hogging all the ground, and yet someone decided their shadows could predict when spring will arrive, which then led us to wonder––

(What can we say? It’s hard to keep from falling down internet rabbit holes. Or groundhog holes, as it were. Enough about them.)

On another day, we found ourselves thinking about bitmaps, wondering what would happen to the razor-sharp edges and angles when drawing them by hand. Our insatiable curiosity on the matter inspired us to explore that idea further, just to see what would happen. While it’s true that there are plenty of times when you shouldn’t do something “just to see what will happen,” in this case, everything turned out exceptionally well.

We ended up creating YWFT Maetl, a sans serif with a strong architecture. Maetl has very minimal serif details on certain letters, along with angles that could not have been produced any other way. For a data-like, computer themed type design, hand drawing the letterforms resulted in an unexpectedly awesome render.

YWFT Maetl is sharp without feeling crunchy. It’s a sleek option for everything from programming, web site design and web content, labels, tickets, logos, posters, displays, computer applications and mobile apps, apparel, and merchandise. It’s especially well suited to the industries of technology, science, mathematics, and computers.

YWFT Maetl is available in four weights that include Light, Regular, Bold, and ExtraBold, with corresponding obliques for each. Its multilingual support extends to Basic Latin, Western European, Euro, and Pan African Latin languages.

Right now through November 30, 2017, YWFT Maetl is on sale for 75% off of its regular price so it’s a great time to add this one to your font collection!

Our creative studio’s own portfolio currently offers 110 products on YouWorkForThem, a wide variety that includes other bit-inspired type designs, as well as display fonts, serifs, sans serifs, handcrafted lettersets, and graphics. Check back often for our latest additions because we’re always working on new stuff!