Benjamin Melville has spent years working in the field of art and graphic design, web design, advertising, and marketing. He has an innate ability to communicate through visual media, a skill he developed through countless hours immersed in creativity and collaboration.

Beyond his day job, Benjamin works as a freelance designer, crafting interesting and often unexpected type designs. One of his most recent releases is Demented, a display font that’s intentionally twisted and more than a bit off its rocker.

Demented is what a horror story might look like if someone painted its text upon a wall. Inspired by a combination of graffiti, hand painted signage, and creepypasta – horrifying urban legends and tall tales of terror and suspense – Demented is the visual equivalent of a nightmare come true.

Letters that twist and bend in an abrupt and unpredictable manner lend an element of schizophrenia; is the viewer really seeing contorted words, or are the letters’ shapes merely a result of their own undiagnosed psychosis?

Demented will leave your eyes in disbelief of what they’re seeing, and your mind working double-time to decipher its messages. It’s perfect for any design project that needs a healthy dose of horror without the blood and gore, and with Halloween soon upon us, it’s the perfect time to add this one to your creepiest cache of fonts!

Benjamin Melville currently offers 35 products through YouWorkForThem, a wild collection of display fonts you never knew you needed in your life until right this minute. His work is eclectic and visually fascinating, suiting a variety of design projects that need a unique flavor. Visit Benjamin’s portfolio to view the rest of his work and bookmark it so you won’t miss any of his future additions!