Abstract art is an especially magical, if not oft-misunderstood genre because every set of eyes sees something a little different. Color gradients, swirls, lines, and paint splashes arouse one’s curiosity, stretching the limits of perception and imagination. There are no rules, and no expectations. Abstract art can mean anything, to anyone, and that’s the beauty of the genre.

Jim LePage knows a thing or two about the joy of abstract painting. In another life, he worked as a preschool teacher, eventually finding himself seeking something a bit “more” out of his career. Even though he previously had very little experience creating art, he enrolled in the graphic design program at his local college in pursuit of a fresh start.

After working in the graphic design industry, a professional field that caters to the very specific demands of clients, Jim discovered abstract art as a means of experimentation and a gateway to creative freedom. The ability to create art for the sheer joy it brings has been the driving force behind much of his work. With abstract art, he’s been granted the freedom to discover and develop his own aesthetic preferences, and he’s especially fond of those times when clients contact him to request a style he developed through his artwork.

One of Jim’s latest releases is Abstract Paint Remix Vol. 3, a collection of 32 custom abstract paintings. Every painting was carefully rendered by hand before being scanned and digitally altered. Once Jim was finished with them, he passed the images along to Joe Cavazos, who further remixed the collection into the vibrant, energetic anthology that would become Abstract Paint Remix Vol. 3.

The images in this series are exceptionally high resolution; 10×15 inches, 5000x3500px at 300 dpi. Abstract Paint Remix Vol. 3 utilizes the RGB colorspace, featuring an eclectic and electric medley of dynamic artworks well suited to album cover art, posters, book covers, product packaging, branding and identity projects, web design, and any project that needs a unique splash of vivid color.

Jim LePage currently offers 57 products through YouWorkForThem, a radiant and diverse display of artistry to suit a variety of applications. Visit his portfolio to view the rest of his work and bookmark it so you won’t miss any of his future releases!